US3R is a solo indie pop artist living in Seattle, WA. He grew up in Southern California. The music of US3R is grungy electronic pop that is focused around making commentary on society, love, and technology.

Music Style

Electro pop, Pop EDM, indietronica, dance

Sounds like

Daft Punk, Pharrell, Disclosure, Tame Impala


  • North American Tour, Feb 2020: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Hollywood, NYC, and Toronto. Seattle had multiple dates.

  • Festivals:

    • headlined 2nd stage, Vampire Lair Festival in Seattle, WA. (supported by 12 other bands).

  • Live Stream:

Listener Stats


  • Largest audience in Mexico

  • Age: 90% of listeners between the 18-44 years old.


  • Spotify: 1k+ streams daily, 1k+ followers​​


  • Song “Renegade” played regularly on 40+ NACC radio stations across the USA

  • Playlisted 80+ stations across USA.

  • Reached #2 most playlisted album in USA for electronic music NACC charts, second to Flying Lotus

  • Album reached #27 in electronic genre, nationally.

  • Radio top-10 peaks: KFAI Minneapolis, MN (#6), Radio Free Fargo in Fargo, ND (#3), WDWN Auburn, NY (#5), WCSF Joliet, IL (#7), and KWCR Ogden, UT (#8). Also peaked at #5 on the Top 30 chart at WAYN Detroit, MI.

  • New album INFLUENCE had a 900% increase in listeners in first week, compared to previous album release.

Live Photos


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