Meet US3R, the Seattle electronic artist who is hacking pop music. The California native relocated to Downtown Seattle in 2017 and quickly began crafting his unique brand of electronic pop music. Like a combination of Justice, Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Disclosure, his music feels familiar and boundary-pushing at the same time.

He describes his sound as hacking pop music because he loves creating unconventional sounds and weaving them into slightly dystopian lyrical themes. In his recent album “INFLUENCE”, US3R created a stunning grungy electronic 11-song concept album that explores social commentary about modern love, acceptance, and belonging in the era of social media, where people's worth get's measured by the number of likes they get.

Music Style

Electro pop, Pop EDM, indietronica, dance

Sounds like

Daft Punk, Big Data, Disclosure, Tame Impala


Venues Played

  • Funhouse, Seattle

  • LO-FI, Seattle

  • Central Saloon, Seattle

  • Substation, Seattle​

  • Tony V's Garage, Seattle

  • Old Rainier Brewery, Seattle

  • Mirkwood Public House, Seattle

  • CA Institute for the Abnormal Arts, Hollywood

  • Lovecraft Lounge, Portland

  • Coffin Club, Portland

  • Honeyhole, San Francisco

  • Berlin Under A, NYC

  • Junction City Music Hall, Toronto


  • Song “Renegade” played regularly on 40+ NACC radio stations across the USA

  • Playlisted 80+ stations across USA.

  • Reached #2 most playlisted album in USA for electronic music NACC charts, second to Flying Lotus

  • Album reached #27 in electronic genre, nationally.

  • Radio top-10 peaks: KFAI Minneapolis, MN (#6), Radio Free Fargo in Fargo, ND (#3), WDWN Auburn, NY (#5), WCSF Joliet, IL (#7), and KWCR Ogden, UT (#8). Also peaked at #5 on the Top 30 chart at WAYN Detroit, MI.

  • New album INFLUENCE had a 900% increase in listeners in first week, compared to previous album release.

Live Photos
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Central Saloon Seattle 2019
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